Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wow....less than a month!!

Just had a wonderful parent meeting with the upstate New York group. I'm a business teacher at Adirondack Central School in Boonville. Traveling down under will be my daughter Kalie (entering 12th grade), Morgan (10th grade), her cousin Katherine (10th grade), Brian (12th grade) and Hannah (12th grade) who will be joining us from Alabama. (can't wait to meet her) Our group is looking forward to surfing and snorkeling---not something we get a chance to do in upstate NY. The group is looking forward to an amazing trip and meeting everyone!

See ya soon!

Katrina Fiorenza

Monday, June 6, 2011

Welcome Fellow Travellers

I teach fifth grade math and science at the Woods Academy in Bethesda, Maryland. Last summer I travelled with a group of students to Costa Rica and we had a blast.
This summer my crew consists of my son Gregory (entering 9th grade), his cousin Ian from Westport, CT (10th grade), his friend Colin (9th grade), Grace - a former student of mine (7th grade), and a young man I look forward to meeting - Brennan from Kenner, LA.
I would love to hear from our fellow travellers. Where are you from? What part of the itinerary are you most looking forward to? I can't wait to meet all of you down under.
Jeff Oosterhout
Chevy Chase, MD

Adventure Details

Duration 16 days
Destinations South Island, NZ
Great Barrier Reef
Focus Ecology/Conservation
Coral, Coastal, and Alpine Ecosystems