Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Aquariums, cockatoos, and koalas - oh my!

Lets just say wow! We woke up inside the aquarium and heard lots of interesting facts about what we will see on the reef!

Then a ferry escorted us over to the Magic Magnetic Island, where we got to hold a cockatoo and see Lizards amongst other wildlife. We then became wildlife ourselves when the beach at horseshoe bay became too tempting and everyone ended up in the water!

It was then time for a hike up to the highest point on the Island to the military bunkers and one of the star attractions made an appearance – a wild koala and her Joey!!

Tomorrow is another action packed day as we (don’t wan to make you jealous) snorkel the Great Barrier Reef! Stunning weather ordered just for us! Stay posted.

Travel Manager – Natalie Costa.

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Adventure Details

Duration 16 days
Destinations South Island, NZ
Great Barrier Reef
Focus Ecology/Conservation
Coral, Coastal, and Alpine Ecosystems