Tuesday, July 19, 2011

G'day from Down Under

Well it’s been go, go, go since touchdown! Starting off getting spooked in one of the oldest areas in Australia, The Rocks.

We have been sailing on the magnificent Sydney Harbour, eating at some lovely restaurants in Darling Harbour – where we had the opportunity to try…wait for it…Kangaroo!!!

Our walking shoes also took us exploring inside the great marvel – the Sydney Opera House. Only this morning we said ‘goodbye’ to Sydney and ‘hello’ to the wonderful sunny Townsville.

Holding and getting up close to Koalas, Crocs, snakes and hand feeding kangaroos was on today’s schedule before heading to Reef HQ, the world’s largest living coral reef aquarium where we will spend the night sleeping with fish!

All in all it’s a blast so far with lots more installed.

Travel Manager - Natalie Costa

Ps.. all the students send their love back home to family

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  1. Glad to see everyone is having so much fun. Keep the blog posts rolling we love hearing about your adventure.


Adventure Details

Duration 16 days
Destinations South Island, NZ
Great Barrier Reef
Focus Ecology/Conservation
Coral, Coastal, and Alpine Ecosystems